Month: April 2016

HUB of Hope Saves Veronica from Losing Her Home

Six months ago, Veronica lost her job. Struggling to make ends meet and determined not to lose her home, she began visiting Pathways’ HUB of Hope to receive emergency food and hygiene items. Last week, Veronica visited the HUB and excitedly informed the HUB staff and volunteers that this would be her last visit, as… Read more »

Tessa’s Family Is Safe from Abuse

When Tessa’s husband became physically and emotionally abusive, she was determined to keep herself and her two children safe. She had no job and no place to go, but she knew that she had to protect her family from the domestic violence in their home. Tessa* and her children became homeless, staying first with friends,… Read more »

Rochelle and her Daughters Found Hope

When Rochelle’s mother suffered a stroke and an aneurism, it fell on Rochelle to care for both her ailing mother and her own children. While doing everything possible to support her family, she lost everything and found herself homeless. Then Rochelle found Pathways of Hope. The stability of our housing program helped her find a… Read more »

Do You ❤ Pathways of Hope?

Mark your calendars!  ioc Giving Day is right around the corner: 6 am April 27th – noon April 28th! Pathways of Hope needs your help to spread the word throughout our community about ioc Giving Day and about Pathways’ work and mission in the Orange County.  ioc Giving Day is an online giving event powered by the Orange County Community Foundation. YOU can help… Read more »