A Family Finds Their Way Home


On a cold fall night, the Dresser family found themselves out of options. They had moved out to southern California for the prospect of a new job, but what was promised quickly evaporated and the family was left scrambling for any type of work in order to afford a place to live. When jobs didn’t materialize they found a cheap motel to stay in. Then their car. Then they were facing the prospect of living on the street.

We see this story happen often, but what is less common is when it happens to a family of seven.

After being connected to the Anaheim Police Department homelessness liaison officers, they found out that this family had housing available for them, if only they would be able to get back to their family in Georgia.

Our wheels started turning and we were able to pay for the train tickets to Georgia for the entire family. Pathways of Hope committed to getting the tickets and then other partners helped to find items like suitcases and snacks for the four-day adventure. We helped with a motel stay and 48 hours from first contact, we were able to see this family get on the train and start they journey back east. Their future story has yet to be written, but the chapter on homelessness has been closed.