How You Can Adopt a Family



You can make this holiday season a memorable time for North Orange County’s most vulnerable residents by participating in Pathways’ Adopt a Family Program! For many families, especially those who have recently escaped the crisis of homelessness, the holidays can be an extremely difficult time. With a little extra love and support you can make this time special for people in need.

Adopt a Family is designed to support families and individuals who have recently overcome the crisis of homelessness and who otherwise wouldn’t have the resources to celebrate the holidays. This program provides a wonderful holiday experience for families at a critical time in their lives.

Here’s how it works:

    • 1. Contact: Contact Rhiannon to be matched with a family or individual in need. We serve families of all shapes and sizes and will work with you on finding the perfect fit!
    • 2. Shop: When you have been matched with an individual or family in need you will receive their wish list which will include wants, needs, and sizes. When shopping, we ask that you please spend no more than $100 on each member of the family to keep it fair for all households.
    • 3. Wrap and Deliver: When you have completed your shopping, we ask that you wrap all gifts and clearly label each present with the recipient’s name. Delivery will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis, and to coordinate this you will reach out to Rhiannon. To enhance the dignity and protected the privacy of these families, it is our policy to have items delivered directly to Pathways office, then our Case Managers will deliver them to the families.

    Important details:

    Adopt a Family kicks off on Thursday, November 15th and all donations are due by Friday, December 14th As Friday, December 14th, is the deadline the to deliver gifts, you are welcome and encouraged to coordinate an earlier drop off time.

    Your Impact:

    In 2017, thanks to many generous supporters, every single person served by Pathways of Hope Housing Program received holiday gifts! Here is what one them had to say:

    “I’m very grateful for you being our blessing this year. I am a single mother of 7 and sometimes it’s hard to have hope. But with people like you, I can hold my head up and know there is still hope in this world.”  –Misty

    The Adopt a Family Program’s ongoing success can be attributed to the donors and volunteers who see the program as a worthwhile cause and generously donate their time and gifts. Pathways is so fortunate to be supported by such a caring and generous community!



    Q: Do I have to spend $100 on each member of the family?

    A: No, you can spend whatever amount you deem appropriate. We just ask that you keep your gift buying fair when it comes to families with multiple children, and that you do not spend any more than $100 per person.

    Q: In addition to gifts for each of the family members, can I provide dinner or a gift card for this family also?

    A: Certainly! For simplicity, gift cards to restaurants or grocery stores are preferred.

    For any additional questions or to be matched with a family or individual in need, contact Rhiannon: or 714-680-3691 x207

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