Partnerships are the core of our strategy for ending hunger and homelessness. For over 40 years, we have been committed to looking outside our walls to find other community members, organizations, congregations, and businesses to become part of the solution. Find Out More | Get Involved | Partner

Community Garden in Fullerton Feeds All

As you drive down Chapman Avenue between Victoria and Raymond, there has been a peculiar collection assembling on the north side of the street. In 2014, St. Andrews Episcopal Church removed the sod from their front parcel, creating anticipation for what was to come. During the summer, a shipment of small boats arrived and were… Read more »

A New Option for Families in Need

We are excited to be opening Orange County’s first immediate response housing program for families. Via Esperanza is the first immediate-response housing program for families in Orange County. For families who are in housing crisis, the need for safe shelter is the utmost priority. Unfortunately, the urgency for any type of shelter often places a… Read more »

A Family Finds Their Way Home

On a cold fall night, the Dresser family found themselves out of options. They had moved out to southern California for the prospect of a new job, but what was promised quickly evaporated and the family was left scrambling for any type of work in order to afford a place to live. When jobs didn’t… Read more »