You’re Invited to a Lemonade Party!

Donna Woodbridge and Lin Garcia are Taking a Stand against hunger and homelessness by hosting a picnic-themed Lemonade Party — and you’re invited! Donna has been a supporter of Pathways of Hope since she began working at First Christian Church in 2005. First Christian is a longtime supporter of Pathways of Hope; the church allows Pathways to hold… Read more »

William’s First Haircut

Last week, one-year old William received his very first haircut at Pathways of Hope. His mother, Jane, held him as our volunteer stylist, Alysha Walker, carefully cut his fine strawberry-blonde hair. Who is Alysha Walker and how did she become involved with Pathways of Hope? Alysha is a hairstylist at Salon Technique in Fullerton. After a long day of… Read more »

Darren Jones Donates Car, Rebuilds Lives

Did you know that you can rebuild lives by donating your vehicle to Pathways of Hope?  Darren Jones has supported Pathways of Hope for a number of years, and this year he made a big contribution to ending hunger and homelessness by donating his car to our organization. “When one of our cars reached an age… Read more »

Dancing to End Hunger and Homelessness!

We’re counting down the days until June 30th, when Pathways of Hope will host our second annual Look Who’s Dancing fundraising event! On Thursday, June 30th, at the Fullerton College Campus Theatre, seven prominent people of Orange County will compete in a dance competition to raise funds to end hunger and homelessness. The seven dancers hail… Read more »

Thanks, Y’all! Celebrating Our Volunteers

Every year Pathways of Hope celebrates our amazing volunteers by hosting a Volunteer Luncheon. Last month we held a western-themed “Volunteer Roundup” at First Presbyterian Church in Fullerton to thank our volunteers for their tireless efforts and support! In 2015, 501 people volunteered over 11,000 hours at Pathways of Hope! “Volunteers are the heart of Pathways… Read more »

Team Kids at Pacific Drive Raises Funds to End Homelessness!

Team Kids at Pacific Drive Elementary School wanted to make a difference in the lives of people facing homelessness in our community. These fifth and sixth grade students planned and hosted a carnival at their school, and they raised over $300 to donate to Pathways of Hope! “Whenever possible we try to think of organizations… Read more »

HUB of Hope Saves Veronica from Losing Her Home

Six months ago, Veronica lost her job. Struggling to make ends meet and determined not to lose her home, she began visiting Pathways’ HUB of Hope to receive emergency food and hygiene items. Last week, Veronica visited the HUB and excitedly informed the HUB staff and volunteers that this would be her last visit, as… Read more »

Tessa’s Family Is Safe from Abuse

When Tessa’s husband became physically and emotionally abusive, she was determined to keep herself and her two children safe. She had no job and no place to go, but she knew that she had to protect her family from the domestic violence in their home. Tessa* and her children became homeless, staying first with friends,… Read more »

Rochelle and her Daughters Found Hope

When Rochelle’s mother suffered a stroke and an aneurism, it fell on Rochelle to care for both her ailing mother and her own children. While doing everything possible to support her family, she lost everything and found herself homeless. Then Rochelle found Pathways of Hope. The stability of our housing program helped her find a… Read more »