Do You Believe Homeless Families Count?

Will you join Pathways and our partners to make sure every homeless family counts? Homeless Families Count! was created to conduct a time specific effort to reach, identify, and assess homeless families in Orange County. We can reach our county’s most vulnerable families and better serve homeless families in OC through the combined efforts of the A2… Read more »

Fighting Hunger with Food Drives!

One of Pathways of Hope’s amazing supporters, Tracy Hanson, partnered with several businesses to coordinate a Thanksgiving Food Drive for the hungry and homeless clients we serve! KB Construction, Koning & Associates, ACI, ATI, Protech, and Servpro all collected food at their local offices to donate to Pathways of Hope. Their collective generosity was so immense that when Tracy called us to… Read more »

Helping at the HUB of Hope!

Huge thanks to volunteer artist Suzanna Bond for painting the new HUB of Hope sign at our food distribution and resource center! In March of 2016, Pathways of Hope was thrilled to reopen our food distribution and resource center with a new name: HUB of Hope! HUB stands for Helping, Understanding, and Believing. Now our facility features a… Read more »

You Saved Rianna and Her Son from Homelessness

Pictured Above: Rianna with a Pathways of Hope staff member after signing the lease for her new apartment. Rianna’s 7 year old son was struggling with ADHD. His behavioral issues became such a challenge that Rianna lost her job after having to leave work to pick him up from school so many times. When she… Read more »

Savers Drive: Donate Clothes, Rebuild Lives

Join Pathways of Hope in our fight against hunger and homelessness by cleaning out your closets and donating your gently used items to Pathways of Hope! Here’s how it works:  You drop off your gently used donations at Pathways of Hope’s offices, then we take the donated goods to our local Savers, where our organization receives a… Read more »

Pathways of Hope Receives Nonprofit of the Year Award!

California Senator Bob Huff selected Pathways of Hope as the 29th Senate District’s Nonprofit of the Year for 2016! The Senator visited Pathways of Hope’s Fullerton campus on July 12th to present the award to our Board of Directors and staff. Senator Huff said, “Pathways of Hope’s dedication to providing food, clothing, housing, comfort, and guidance to people… Read more »

You’re Invited to a Lemonade Party!

Donna Woodbridge and Lin Garcia are Taking a Stand against hunger and homelessness by hosting a picnic-themed Lemonade Party — and you’re invited! Donna has been a supporter of Pathways of Hope since she began working at First Christian Church in 2005. First Christian is a longtime supporter of Pathways of Hope; the church allows Pathways to hold… Read more »

William’s First Haircut

Last week, one-year old William received his very first haircut at Pathways of Hope. His mother, Jane, held him as our volunteer stylist, Alysha Walker, carefully cut his fine strawberry-blonde hair. Who is Alysha Walker and how did she become involved with Pathways of Hope? Alysha is a hairstylist at Salon Technique in Fullerton. After a long day of… Read more »

Darren Jones Donates Car, Rebuilds Lives

Did you know that you can rebuild lives by donating your vehicle to Pathways of Hope?  Darren Jones has supported Pathways of Hope for a number of years, and this year he made a big contribution to ending hunger and homelessness by donating his car to our organization. “When one of our cars reached an age… Read more »