Darren Jones Donates Car, Rebuilds Lives


Did you know that you can rebuild lives by donating your vehicle to Pathways of Hope? 

Darren Jones has supported Pathways of Hope for a number of years, and this year he made a big contribution to ending hunger and homelessness by donating his car to our organization.

“When one of our cars reached an age where we planned to use it less often, we decided it would be best to donate it to Pathways rather than sell it or trade it in,” said Darren. Why did he choose to donate his car to Pathways? “I have long been touched by the stories of families that receive support through Pathways of Hope,” he said. “In their most vulnerable and desperate times, Pathways is there to bring stability, housing and a path back to independence.”

Pathways of Hope has partnered with Donate for Charity to accept vehicle donations, and Darren was very pleased with Donate for Charity’s services. “The process was extremely easy,” he said, “and I personally feel great knowing that families in our community will benefit from our donation to Pathways of Hope.”

From Pathways of Hope and the hungry and homeless families and individuals we serve: Thank you, Darren!

Are you inspired by Darren’s generosity? Do you have a vehicle you would like to donate to Pathways of Hope?

Contact Mychael Blinde by calling (714) 680-3691 ext. 233 or emailing mychael.blinde@pathwaysofhope.us.