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A message from David Gillanders, Executive Director

Dear Friend of Pathways,

I get to share some great news with you today:

All donations to Pathways of Hope will be matched dollar for dollar up to $15,000 in the month of July!

That’s right: thanks to the generosity of the Wilson W. Phelps Foundation, you have a chance to double your impact on our community!

So I’m writing to ask you: Will you donate today and help us raise $30,000 to prevent people who are impacted by COVID-19 from ever becoming homeless?

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Preventing Homelessness

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen about a 35% increase in the number of households who are seeking our help with housing services.

With so many people losing their jobs or working reduced hours, an unprecedented number of people are on the brink of homelessness in North Orange County.

Here are two stories about people who were saved from ever becoming homeless,
thanks to the support of donors like you:

Let me tell you about Dinah…

Dinah is a single mother living in North OC with three children: two daughters and a son, all under the age of 7. Dinah works as a hairstylist to support her family.

When all salons closed because of the outbreak of the pandemic, Dinah suddenly lost her only source of income. How would she pay the rent? How could she keep a roof over her children’s heads and food on their table?

Terrified for her children’s future, she reached out to Pathways and enrolled in our Homelessness Prevention program.

Dinah was connected with one of our Service Navigators, who arranged for her to receive financial assistance to help cover the cost of her rent. Our Service Navigator also connected her with additional resources, like our food program at the HUB of Hope.

Now Dinah is preparing to head back to work. She says she is scared of going back to work, because she’s afraid of catching the virus and infecting her family, but she is determined to provide for her household.

Dinah says that even though COVID-19 scares her, she is grateful that she doesn’t have to be scared of becoming homeless, thanks to Pathways.

And that is thanks to the generosity of donors like you, who contribute funds that support our programs.

You make stories like Dinah’s possible. Your support stops homelessness before it ever starts.

Will you donate to Pathways again today and make a difference in the lives of people like Dinah?

Visit our website to make your donation today!

Now let me tell you about Alma…

Alma is an elderly adult who lives alone.

In June, she was diagnosed with COVID-19. The virus was relentless, and she struggled for days to fight it. After spending about a week in the hospital, she slowly began to recover and was released to her home.

But with medical and other living expenses piling up, Alma struggled to pay her rent and purchase groceries. And the virus had damaged her lungs so severely that it totally wiped out her ability to walk for more than a few steps at a time. She couldn’t leave her apartment without the risk of collapsing to the ground.

But thanks to the support of another Service Navigator at Pathways, Alma received financial assistance to help cover the cost of her rent. Not only was Pathways able to help prevent Alma from becoming homeless, but our Service Navigator also delivered food from our HUB of Hope to Alma’s home, using contactless delivery to prevent exposure.

As Alma continues to recover and regain her health, our Service Navigator has remained in touch with her and provided ongoing support during this critical time.

And that’s thanks to the generosity of donors like you, who donate to Pathways of Hope.

You make stories like Alma’s possible. Your support literally saves lives.

Will you donate today and double your impact on the lives of people like Alma?

Remember, your donation will be doubled dollar for dollar by the generosity of the Phelps Foundation – but only for the month of July!

So don’t wait: act now and make a critical difference for more struggling people like Alma.

Visit our website to make your donation today!

In summary…

As I share the stories of these two remarkable women who have endured so much – Dinah’s sudden loss of her family’s entire source of income, Alma’s battle with COVID-19 – I am inspired by their perseverance.

I am inspired also by the amazing support of our local community.

Donors like you have made it possible for our agency to respond to the hundreds and hundreds of people seeking help and hope at our doors each week.

Donors like you have empowered women like Dinah and Alma to receive the care and support they need to stay housed and pursue health.

And we need donors like you again today as we raise funds to continue to support our Homelessness Prevention program’s services for the coming months.

As more and more households burn through their savings, as more people become sick, as more people lose their jobs – we need your ongoing support, now more than ever.

Remember, for the month of July only, the Wilson W. Phelps Foundation will double your donation! They’re matching donations up to $15,000 – that means we have a chance to raise $30,000 this month to prevent homelessness for vulnerable people in North OC.

Will you donate today and help us raise $30,000 this July to prevent struggling people from becoming homeless due to COVID-19?

There are two easy ways to make a difference with a donation today:

  • Mail a check made payable to Pathways of Hope  to PO Box 6326, Fullerton, CA 92834 with the words “Stop Homelessness” in the check memo
  • Donate online by visiting our website — — during the month of July.

Whether you can give $25, $250, or $2,500, whether you give a one-time or a monthly donation, every gift makes a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

I ask that you take action today and help us save people who are struggling and seeking hope. Together, we can prevent and end hunger and homelessness in our community.

With deepest gratitude,

David Gillanders Executive Director
(714) 680-3691 ext. 201 •