Fullerton Rotary Club’s Scholastic Scholarship Gives Sisters the Gift of Karate


“The best part of karate is they teach me how to do cool moves,” said Alissa, age 7. “We were doing the pads, you get to hit them!” said her sister Isabella, age 6.

Thanks to funding from the Fullerton Rotary Club through the Scholastic and Athletic Scholarship, Alissa and Isabella have had the chance to learn karate at NKD Martial Arts. “They are really grateful for this opportunity,” said their father, Johnny, a single dad who resides with his girls at Hope’s Corner, Pathways of Hope’s transitional housing shelter.

The girls started the classes with no belts, and they worked to achieve the level of white belt, then yellow belt. When asked how it felt to get their yellow belts, Alissa said, “I was so excited!” and Isabella said “I liked it!” The girls are currently practicing hard to receive their orange belts.

Funding from Fullerton Rotary Club has given these young girls a wonderful opportunity to learn a new skill that instills focus, strength, and perseverance. The karate classes have also strengthened the girls’ friendship with one another. Though they are not biological sisters, the girls have always been close, and their experience learning martial arts together has made them even closer. These karate classes are keeping the girls active, increasing their self-esteem, and giving them the chance to bond with their father over a fun activity they can all enjoy together.

Thank you, Fullerton Rotary Club, for giving these girls this wonderful opportunity!

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