Do You ❤ Pathways of Hope?


Mark your calendars!  i❤oc Giving Day is right around the corner: 6 am April 27th – noon April 28th!

Pathways of Hope needs your help to spread the word throughout our community about i❤oc Giving Day and about Pathways’ work and mission in the Orange County.  i❤oc Giving Day is an online giving event powered by the Orange County Community Foundation. YOU can help Pathways of Hope receive the donations we need to continue to rebuild lives of the hungry and homeless in our community.

Last year, Pathways of Hope served over 6,000 people in need by providing over 60,000 meals to over 5,000 hungry households, and assisting 538 homeless people in finding permanent housing. With your support, Pathways of Hope will be able to serve even more people in 2016. 

Our goal is to raise $15,000 on i❤oc Giving Day. If we raise $10,000, Pathways of Hope will receive a $10,000 match from an anonymous donor!

Help us spread the word about Pathways of Hope and i❤oc Giving Day and together we can raise funds to end hunger and homelessness! Here’s how:

PDF: I heart Pathways because I believe in rebuilding lives of the hungry and homeless.

PDF: I heart Pathways because everyone deserves a roof over their heads and food on their tables

PDF: I heart Pathways because I love my neighbor

PDF: I heart Pathways because…[personalized response]

Want to do more? Have questions about the giving event? Contact Mychael Blinde by calling (714) 680-3691 ext. 233 or emailing 

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