Pathways of Hope was founded in 1975 as Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Service (FIES). Our organization was formed when a diverse group of faith leaders in Fullerton realized something: despite the differences in their respective religious beliefs, each church or temple was striving to achieve the same goal …



These diverse faith communities joined together to provide food to Fullerton families and individuals facing homelessness, poverty, and food insecurity. This collaborative effort proved so effective that the nonprofit organization FIES was born.

As our organization grew stronger, FIES expanded its operations and began to provide housing services for homeless families. In 1986, FIES opened our first shelter for homeless families, located in Fullerton and called New Vista.

FIES continued to increase our impact in the North Orange County community, and our supporting networks grew. Businesses and individuals began to collaborate with and donate to our agency. FIES began to grow beyond our founding faith communities to include a more diverse network of supporters. With the expansion of services, diversity of supporters, and increasing number of people served annually, our organization had outgrown its Fullerton and faith-focused name.


IN 2012…

FIES was renamed Pathways of Hope. Our organization continues to expand our services and grow our supporting networks. We now operate three shelters, offer rapid re-housing services, permanent supportive housing, homeless prevention services, and housing services for chronically homeless individuals.

Within the fabric of our founding and throughout the tapestry of FIES’s and Pathways’ history, there is one fundamental belief that has driven the organization’s growth and success: We are always stronger when we work together, and together we can make a life-changing difference in the lives of our neighbors in need.


If you share our belief that we are stronger when we work together, if you believe that every single one of our neighbors deserve a roof over their head and food on their table, let’s connect! Together, we can end hunger and homelessness for our community’s most vulnerable residents.

Let’s connect! Together, we can end hunger and homelessness for our community’s most vulnerable residents.