Do You Believe Homeless Families Count?

Will you join Pathways and our partners to make sure every homeless family counts?

Homeless Families Count! was created to conduct a time specific effort to reach, identify, and assess homeless families in Orange County.

We can reach our county’s most vulnerable families and better serve homeless families in OC through the combined efforts of the A2 Family Cohort, the County of Orange, 211OC, and community supporters like you.

Yes, we need your help to make this possible!

With your support, here’s what completing Homeless Families Count! can accomplish:

  • knowing each homeless family by name within a specific time frame
  • gathering in depth assessments of homeless family needs within a coordinated system
  • better understanding the housing interventions and supportive services needed to reduce the time each family experiences homelessness
  • a collection of data to find more equitable distribution of resources to meet the needs of different populations within family homelessness
  • ultimately ending family homelessness

Will you join us?

Here’s how YOU can make sure OC’s homeless families count:

Volunteer at one of our Assessment Sites!

Contact Francesca to learn more about how you can dedicate your time and your compassion for those in need to this important cause. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about this project. Call (714) 680-3691 ext. 223 to reach Francesca, or visit the Homeless Families Count! website to learn more about volunteer opportunities for this project.

Donate to Pathways of Hope and Our A2 Partners!

Don’t have time to volunteer? You can still make a difference for homeless families! Help fund this time-intensive project by donating to Pathways of Hope (click HERE to donate now!) and to our A2 Partners. Visit the Homeless Families Count! website to learn more about our A2 partners and to find links to their donations pages. The more funding we receive, the more time we can dedicate to connecting with homeless families and ending homelessness in OC. Your dollars make a difference!

Pathways of Hope believes every family deserves a roof over their head and food on the table. Do you? Join us today and you can make a difference for our county’s most vulnerable residents!

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