Housing stability for educational success



A message from David Gillanders, Executive Director

Here are the stories of Malina and Robert and their families, our neighbors who were seeking help and hope and found it at Pathways…

Let me tell you about Malina, Jose, and their six children. This family became homeless when they fell ill with COVID-19 last year.

Fortunately, they all recovered from the virus. But when Jose lost his job the family just couldn’t keep up with their rent. They lost their home. Where could they go?

They came to Pathways of Hope, and shortly after arriving at our shelter, Jose was able to find work again. Malina worked alongside her Case Manager to become approved for a 3-bedroom home near her children’s school.

Malina is so committed to ensuring that her children’s schooling remains uninterrupted, while the family was staying at our shelter, she spent hours each day commuting on the bus to take the children to and from their school.

But now she and her family are happy and healthy in a home of their own, living near their children’s school, and close to family and friends who can help with childcare and other types of support.

They are excited, relieved, and grateful to be safe and sound in a home of their own in their own community.

Supporters like YOU make stories like Malina’s possible.

Will you help support the families who are living in our shelters and who are on their way to homes of their own?

Let me tell you another story about a family who came to our shelter just a few weeks ago: Robert, his wife Lucinda, and their four children.

Their Case Manager is working alongside Robert and Lucinda and they are diligently working toward securing a permanent home.

But that’s not all:

When they arrived at our shelter, their Case Manager learned that the children were having a difficult time in school. She connected the children with a tutoring program through School on Wheels, and she helped Robert learn how to access the school’s portal to see the children’s grades and messages from teachers.

School on Wheels is just one of dozens and dozens of resources our Case Managers make accessible to the families who come to our shelters. They have been a great support system and even donated a tablet to this family to ensure their success!

Our partners recognize the value of supporting families who are facing the crisis of homelessness and we are grateful for their donations to support the people we serve.

Will YOU consider making a donation?

Perhaps you might be inspired to donate in honor of Robert’s children, who have been working so hard in school, improving their grades, and are on a path toward a successful educational future – and a home of their own?

Educational success is only possible with housing stability.

That’s why we are so grateful to the Wilson W. Phelps Foundation for supporting families during their times of crisis so that children can have stability during the most critically formative years of their lives

It’s easy to make a one-time donation or sign up to become a monthly donor:

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Whether you can give $5, $50, $500, or $5,000, whether you give a one-time or a monthly donation, every gift will make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

With deepest gratitude,

David Gillanders
Executive Director
(714) 680-3691 ext. 201