Keystone on Commonwealth


In Orange County, we have roughly 3,000 people who sleep outside, unsheltered and vulnerable to the world around them, every single night. One of the best ways to assist people who are chronically homeless is with a housing model known as Permanent Supportive Housing, which addresses homelessness among our most vulnerable residents with the Housing First philosophy and then offers a solid, supportive services base that ends our community members homelessness and begins the path towards building a safe and productive life for themselves.

Several months ago, Pathways of Hope approached the city of Fullerton with the idea of working on Permanent Supportive Housing for Fullertonians who are experiencing chronic homelessness. We sked if there were pieces of land owned and controlled by the city that we could develop into a Permanent Supportive Housing Community. We agreed to discuss in principle to a site plan for a site at 1600 W. Commonwealth, which is the site of the former Morehouse Mustard manufacturing facility and prior to the Great Recession, was slated to be a multi-family housing development. We are calling this proposed community “Keystone on Commonwealth” as they definition of a Keystone is the perfect symbolism for what Permanent Supportive Housing can accomplish:


  1. a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together.
  2. the central principle or part of a policy, system, etc., on which all else depends.

Synonyms: foundation, basis, linchpin, cornerstone, base, principle, guiding principle, core, heart, center, crux, fundament

Pathways is currently in the process of community engagement and discussion over what we are proposing for the site and how it can end homelessness, add to the aesthetic appeal to the community, increase the value of property in the local area, and protect our vulnerable community members who are experiencing persistent homelessness, often due to disabilities. Permanent Supportive Housing helps with community health and safety, saves tax payers money, and saves lives. It’s the right model to address homelessness in a city that has been impacted the way Fullerton has been. Please visit our dedicated keystone page here for more information on our work.

Together, we can end homelessness for our most vulnerable neighbors in Fullerton and North Orange County. Will you join us?

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