You’re Invited to a Lemonade Party!


Donna Woodbridge and Lin Garcia are Taking a Stand against hunger and homelessness by hosting a picnic-themed Lemonade Party — and you’re invited!

Donna has been a supporter of Pathways of Hope since she began working at First Christian Church in 2005. First Christian is a longtime supporter of Pathways of Hope; the church allows Pathways to hold our Board Meetings at their facilities and supports our organization in a variety of ways throughout the year. Donna has become a key supporter of Pathways, lending her expertise as a volunteer at fundraising events like Look Who’s Dancing and Angelo’s & Vinci’s.

Donna is good friends with Lin, a member of Pathways of Hope’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Donna and Lin were inspired by Pathways’ Take a Stand movement last summer, and they hosted a Lemonade Party for adult supporters of Pathways of Hope. “I love having an excuse to host a party, so last year it was only fitting to host a Lemonade Party! We figured we might as well continue this Take a Stand tradition and help out a worthwhile cause by hosting the party again, with a picnic theme this year,” said Donna.

You are invited to attend this year’s Lemonade Party:

Take a Stand: Lemonade Party!
Saturday, August 27th

5 pm – 9 pm
Home of the Woodbridge’s
354 W. Glenwood Avenue, Fullerton, CA

If you have questions about the event, please contact Donna by calling (714) 595-9510.

Can’t make it to the party but want to do your part to Take a Stand against hunger and homelessness? You have the power to rebuild lives by donating to Pathways of Hope.