Lucia Maturino is Dancing!



We have made the difficult decision to postpone Look Who’s Dancing Season 7 until fall of 2022.

Thank you, Lucia, for supporting our community’s most vulnerable residents. We hope to see you on the big stage next year!

Donate in Honor of Lucia!

Lucia is supporting Pathways of Hope because she realizes there is a great need to feed and provide resources for people during this particularly difficult time. More than ever, she sees individuals and families who are struggling to put food on the table, pay their basic utility bills, and find an affordable roof to put over their heads. She feels honored to have the opportunity to encourage her family and friends to contribute to Pathways of Hope by sponsoring her. Yes – she is ready to dance her heart out and win the competition.

Lucia’s root desire comes from her personal experience related to her mother’s upbringing. Her mother experienced hunger in Mexico when she was growing up as a child. Lucia shared a story she personally saw: when homeless people would come to their family door to ask for food, her mother always gave them a burrito or taco to eat. This demonstration of kindness made a very positive impression on her. Helping the needy is something she feels strongly about because it comes from both a spiritual mandate and community-oriented responsibility.

She and her family moved to Fullerton when she was five years old (66 years ago). They lived in the most economically disenfranchised part of town, the 400 block of Truslow Avenue or “El Barrio” as she calls it. She considers herself a “Fullerton Girl” because she went to Maple Elementary School, Nicholas Jr. High, Fullerton Union High, Fullerton College (twice), and California State University, Fullerton. After graduating with a human services degree, she went on to work in the District Attorney’s Office for 10 years as a Victim Advocate (two years in the Sexual Assault Unit and eight years in the Homicide Unit). She next went to work for the City of Fullerton, Fullerton Police Department, and has been there for the last 14.5 years. She is their Spanish speaking community liaison with a focus on assisting the Latino neighborhoods.

Lastly, Lucia says she will always be a Fullerton Girl, ready to support the city and the great non-profit, Pathways of Hope.