Team Kids at Pacific Drive Raises Funds to End Homelessness!


Team Kids at Pacific Drive Elementary School wanted to make a difference in the lives of people facing homelessness in our community. These fifth and sixth grade students planned and hosted a carnival at their school, and they raised over $300 to donate to Pathways of Hope!

“Whenever possible we try to think of organizations right in their community, so they can directly impact their community,” said Team Kids Leader Haylee Forster. “The students know of Pathways of Hope. They voted specifically for homelessness. It was all the kids.”

Team Kids implements innovative school-based and community-wide service-learning programs for children to inspire youth as positive change agents. Over 50 students at Pacific Drive Elementary met weekly for four weeks to plan the carnival, which they held on Wednesday, May 18th.

When asked how they felt the carnival went, one student said it was “out-of-the-galaxy good!” When asked what was most inspiring about the Team Kids project, another student said she was most inspired when she knew the funds would be going to Pathways’ shelter. Another said that he was most inspired “knowing that I’m helping the homeless.” When asked what they learned from the Team Kids challenge, one student said, “I learned how to save people’s lives.”

Thank you, Team Kids at Pacific Drive Elementary School! Your actions have a direct impact on the lives of those in need in our community!

Are you inspired by the students at Pacific Drive? This summer, we invite you to Take a Stand against hunger and homelessness by hosting your own creative fundraiser to raise funds for Pathways of Hope.

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