Pulse For Good: How We Measure Our Work

At Pathways the people we serve come first. Every decision we make, every action we take, we think about how this affects the people we serve and what the end-user experience is like.

We make this as clear as possible in both our words and our actions, but nowhere is it more obvious than through the work our team and our incredible volunteers do at the Hub, every single day.

Now, I would understand completely if you thought the HUB was simply a place where people get food – and they do, lots of food, lots and lots and lots of food.

Thousands of pounds of food serve over one thousand households a month, and that’s just at the Hub, imagine that at the three college sites as well, and you’ll really start to consider the tremendous volume of folks that come through our doors looking for help. These are our community members, co-workers, parents whose kids go to school with our kids, people we see every day out and about – they need help too, and the Hub is here for it.

Food is truly just the start. The number of people that come to the Hub that are homeless and are looking for help, families and individuals who are working hard and still falling behind on their rent and need us to help prevent homelessness. People who are renting a room from a family and seek mediation in order to keep them housed. People that need a little hope. This is what the Hub does. It is so much more than food.

We do all this, and we do it exceptionally well. Through our partnership with Pulse for Good we receive real-time feedback and data on people’s experiences at the Hub. This is the most important information we could possibly get. The words and experiences of people who are really using our services. Their perspective on how we did, what we could change, and how we can improve. I am happy to say that the feedback is typically very positive.

James (Community Programs Manager) and David (Executive Director) pose at our HUB of Hope in front of the new Pulse for Good Kiosk!


Just last week at our new stand-alone kiosk we have for our survey system (generously funded by our friends at CalOptima) we received over 40 surveys with an average score of 4.7. 4.7! I’m no mathematician but that works out to a score of 94%. “A” work from our “A” team, the same team you invest in with your contributions. Who better to tell you your investment in us is paying off and helping folks in real way? Not me, I just work here. Let the people who are actually receiving the services tell you.

Grade A work, thanks to your grade A investment in us. Thanks for all you do.

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