Rainy Days and an Office Move



A message from David Gillanders, Executive Director:

Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing well and enjoying and staying safe in all of this rain we have in the forecast. During times like this we think a lot in the office about our community members living outside: on the streets, in our parks and alleys, or maybe in their cars. None of these situations are healthy, tenable, or good for the person experiencing homelessness or for the community. Rain and all poor weather always remind me of the importance of the work our team does on a day in, day out basis to ensure that our friends have access to save, sustainable, permanent housing. I hope you agree and feel the same.

 In other news, we moved offices this week! That’s right, after spending about 18 months in an Anaheim business park, we have moved to a long-term home in Moody Hall on the campus of St. Andrews Episcopal Church. A question we’ve been getting a lot lately is “Where is St. Andrews?” and the best response we can give is, “It’s the church on Chapman with all the garden boats!” We are fortunate that St. Andrews has been instrumental in Pathways founding, growth, and now its evolution. Those boats in front of the campus provide a weekly harvest of food delivered to The HUB to distribute to the community.

We are so fortunate to be given the opportunity to lease this space and be present here. Our business operations, development, and program management teams will finally have the room to stretch out and work in an environment that is positive and appropriate for the kind of work we do. We’ve got a couple of office dogs and some really great neighbors in what is a really beautiful campus. The location is more appropriate for us, the parking is better (and not to mention all of the vegan food options close by! Important to me!).

Once we have a chance to get unpacked and settled in, we’d love for you to stop by and visit us in our new space. Stay tuned for an invitation to attend an Open House in celebration of our new offices, coming soon. We can’t wait to give you a complete tour of our amazing new setup!