Sandy Goldband is Dancing!


Sandy Goldband will take the stage at our Look Who’s Dancing Fundraiser to help end hunger and homelessness!

Look Who’s Dancing
Saturday, October 21st at 7 pm
Fullerton College Campus Theatre

Tickets on Sale at the Door!!!

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I am a native Southern California girl. Though I have been widowed for 8 years, I have learned to love life without a husband, thanks to my five beautiful girls and ten grandchildren.

I especially find that being a member of Cal State Fullerton’s OLLI program for seniors helps me love life – they offer so many classes that it is hard to decide what I want to take! My favorite classes are the dance lessons with the Fullerton Flashers, and Life Story.

I worked for 30 years as an Elementary School Secretary, where I saw kids coming to school hungry, with no clean clothes, and no place to live. We always did our best to work with the school districts to provide aid to them as best we could. However, hunger and homelessness are problems that continue to grow. But with agencies like Pathways of Hope, we hopefully can all join together to help end hunger and homelessness for struggling people in our community. That’s why I’m taking the stage and dancing to make a difference!


You can purchase tickets or sponsorships to support Sandy using the form below or simply make a donation towards her campaign here!

*** Want to purchase tickets or sponsorships or make a donation with a check? Simply email Jean at or call her at (714) 680-3691 ext. 2207 to confirm your purchase/donation. Please make checks out to “Pathways of Hope” and mail them to PO Box 6326, Fullerton CA 92834, with “Sandy” in the check memo. Thank you for your support!