We asked, YOU answered! Thank you, Volunteers!



A message from Ann Stoddard, Volunteer Coordinator

Dear Pathways Supporters,

We asked our volunteers to answer a few questions in celebration of Volunteer Appreciation Month — and WOW did they come through!

Please enjoy the following messages from some of the amazing folks who help Pathways end hunger and homelessness by volunteering!

(And of course, a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!)

 What inspired you to volunteer at Pathways of Hope?

These Wednesdays have become a source of light in my life! I know I am helping those who truly need help, but it has filled my cup up as well!!! Thank you POH!! You have helped me rediscover my purpose ❤️
–Wendy Reid

Homelessness has been so stigmatized and those without a residence have been made to feel like they are less than others. Being involved with Pathways was a way my wife and I could put our beliefs into action and support our neighbors without a home.
–Dr. Jim Ruby

I really wanted to give back to my community, especially in times like these. I also want to be a school or college counselor and gained a lot of experience from volunteering at Fullerton and Cypress College.
–Elise Cunanan

A friend asked me to help with the food pick up for Pathways. After a few months he said ‘Now it’s time to learn what they do with the food we’re picking up!!’ I’ve been hooked ever since! I love helping our clients!!!
–Joan Eminger

Pathways way back when they were still FIES met at First Christian Church where I worked, and I wanted to be involved. So, I started working some of their events and have continued. 15 years and still helping where and when I can.
–Donna Woodbridge

Consumed by the pandemic there are not many ways to give back. In these times of uncertainty there are so many that need assistance with their food budget. Pathways has the backs of people in general. It is a pleasure to volunteer with this organization ❤️
–Paulene Hailey

I’m inspired by my mother-in-law, who, at 85, coordinates food delivery in her own community. I also love how FIES and now (doing business as) POH have supported children in the school districts.
–Leah Lopez

A Pathways Staff member came and spoke at a dinner meeting of our local service club, Altrusa International of Anaheim. The club was inspired with the work being done and decided to help out by volunteering and financial.
–Leslie Johnson

The staff works sooo very hard to make Pathways as efficient and effective as it is, and I thought I could lend a hand to such dedicated people.
–Joanne Hardy

What inspired me to give my time to Pathways of Hope? The mission. The staff. The volunteers. Our clients. Our volunteers serve our clients, and the staff advocate for them. Wonderful organization.
–Jeanette Reese

I first learned of Pathways of Hope through my Bible Study group at Eastside Christian Church and once I had volunteered to help, I really enjoyed working with the people and have just continued.
–Gene Tateyama

Teaching at Fullerton College, I have become much more aware of food and shelter insecurity among our students, so I jumped at the opportunity to help at the Fullerton College Food Bank. Now I’m at the Hub and get to work with the greatest team around.
–Cal Young

My heart has always been with the homeless and hungry so when Jo-Ann Matsuba told me about POH, I jumped at the chance to volunteer. I found the best, most dedicated, hardworking, grateful, inspiring, and awesome staff! It’s my pleasure to work with Mychael, Ann and Serene!
–Carolyn McMorrow

Invest in the bank of goodwill and my own local community.
–Anthony Garcia

Local effort right in our community!
–Kathryn Sanders

I wanted to do something to give back to my community and I knew of Pathways Of Hope through Fullerton Vineyard. I absolutely love the staff that works in the Fullerton College Food Bank.
–Bill Dragoo

I learn about the Pathways of Hope from my job coach for me gain work experience. I get to help people who needs food and supplies. I enjoy volunteering and happy to be able to help.
–Ariel Smith

My husband was actively evolved with Pathways on the board. I have always felt close to the mission of Pathways but I wanted to do something that actually dealt with clients. I volunteered at the Hub and really loved working with, staff, clients, and other volunteers.
–Betsy Azariah

I have always been an advocate for serving others and the community, particularly ones that are underserved and in need. I have been volunteering since 2009 and with this COVID situation, all of my usual volunteering sites closed. I chose Pathways because this organization shares my mission in life. The members and staff are dedicated folks with really big hearts. This dedication is both inspiring and offers the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things/skills.
–Vincent Duong

I first found out about Pathways through volunteering at Fullerton Christian church.  The first time I did an event with Pathways, I was hooked!  The Pathways team is always so positive, and thankful to its volunteers, and the mission goals really personally help those who need it most.  After retiring to take care of my mom, then losing her soon after, I wanted to find a place to give my time and feel a part of something that made a difference.  I found that with the Pathways team.  So, I guess I would say you are all my inspiration! 
–Stephanie Bauer

Where do you volunteer? How long have you been volunteering at Pathways?

I have volunteered for YEARS for the holiday program. I saw just how much it touched the lives of families in my own city. Cut to several years later, 2020 happens, life completely changes… Things sort of moved on, but I felt lost. Then I got an email from Ann, and I thought, why not?! So, I signed up to regularly volunteer at Cypress college and Fullerton college every Wednesday.
–Wendy Reid

I have been volunteering at the Hub in Fullerton for about 3 months. Every week is a learning adventure 🎉.
–Paulene Hailey

At Fullerton College for maybe about 4 months. Also 1 time at the HUB. Prior to that, through some of the school collection drives over the years. Thanks for providing this wonderful service for our community!
–Leah Lopez

I just started last week at NOCE. I hope to volunteer for this great organization for a long time.
–Kathy Bent

We just started a few months ago, we signed up with the Eastside Compassion group. We have worked at the HUB and NOCE.
–Kathryn Sanders

I started in June at Fullerton College and switched to the Hub when my schedule changed in late August. Love volunteering with Pathways!
–Cal Young

St Paul. Food Drives
–Susan Bedell

I volunteer at the Cypress College food distribution on Wednesday from 8am-12pm. I have been volunteering with Pathways as of two weeks now, but I used to volunteer back in February before the college was shut down due to the virus.
–Ariel Smith

What’s your favorite thing about volunteering at Pathways of Hope?

The nice people I have met. I miss the lady I worked with at the hub on Thursday afternoons. We worked well together, and she was a sweetheart.
–Dana Dolan

I love knowing that what we’re doing is making such a tangible difference in people’s day to day lives.
–Dr. Jim Ruby

Helping our local community, meeting other volunteers and the Pathways Staff is awesome.
–Leslie Johnson

Pathways has the best staff and the best volunteers. I love working with my fellow Friday morning crew at the Hub! They are so caring and productive!
–Cal Young

Definitely working with Ann and Serene and sometimes chatting with Mychael! They make my volunteering so rewarding. I also enjoy knowing I can do things that help relieve some of the time-consuming tasks that would fall on them to do.
–Carolyn McMorrow

Learning more about your organization each time we volunteer.
–Kathryn Sanders

Makes me feel useful, working toward a kinder world.
–Joanne Hardy

My favorite thing about volunteering is that I get to help the community, gain experience from volunteering, and make sure everyone gets the food they’re registered to receive.
–Ariel Smith

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who responded to our questions, and as always, a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL of our volunteers who make our work ending hunger and homelessness possible!

With many thanks,

Ann Stoddard
Volunteer Coordinator