What’s It Like to Dance to End Hunger and Homelessness?



What’s it like to compete in a dance competition to help end hunger and homelessness?

Just ask some of our former Look Who’s Dancing contestants! These Alumni Dancers raised funds and rocked the stage to support Pathways of Hope and the struggling people we serve:


Troy Hanson, Season 2

“Helping others is always the most important thing you can do as a person. Being part of Look Who’s Dancing was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It incorporates helping others and the ability to grow as a person.

Taking the stage in front of an auditorium full of people was a bucket list item of mine that I can now check off. I highly recommend the experience, even if you think you CAN’T dance!”


Minard Duncan, Season 4

“Look Who’s Dancing was a fun experience for me. I learned several new West Coast Swing dancing steps that I can use for the rest of my life. The dance instructors, Rudy and Maria Hernandez, are very patient, helpful and fun to work with. Keep in mind that one has to work – as it is not easy! – but it is very much worth the effort. I am 85 years old and I survived.

If you do dance, you can be proud of the fact that you helped a great organization’s goal of rebuilding the lives of the hungry and homeless. I enjoyed it so much that I would do it again if I had the chance.”

Tracy Hanson, Season 4

“I am NOT a dancer. I am not just a person with two left feet…I have no rhythm and am a bit uncoordinated! Although I always want to help Pathways in any way I can, this was way outside of my proverbial box. But I had a song in mind and Rudy and Maria were immediately on board.

It was well worth the effort and it ended up being very fun for me! My Fitbit liked it, too, as I averaged over 13,000 steps per day in January! Rudy and Maria are simply the best teachers/coaches on earth.

I am SO happy I did this and it gave me such confidence to try other new things. You also have the highly rewarding knowledge that you are helping our fellow human beings by raising money for my favorite philanthropic group, Pathways of Hope!”

Fritz von Coelln, Season 4

“Wow, what a great experience dancing at the 2018 Look Who’s Dancing fundraiser for Pathways of Hope!

Of course, I am a ham and getting on stage is an ego trip.  I had purpose in my life and I loved working to make it happen. Back stage, waiting for my cue I took a deep breath, lots of them.  Maybe I prayed that I would not break down or not step on Maria’s foot.  I had stiff competition and I don’t like to lose.

What ecstasy – I won the “Peoples’ Choice” trophy!  So I recommend that you give it a go. Go ahead, volunteer to dance for the homeless.”

There are nine people competing in our upcoming Look Who’s Dancing fundraiser and they are all excited about their upcoming performances!

Don’t miss your chance to see Kim BarlowRay FernandezPam Keller, Rick MendezDebra PemberJeanette Reese, Rabbi Nico SocolovskyDiAnna , and Kristin Wilson dance their hearts out to support our neighbors in need!

You can join our dancers and Pathways of Hope in our shared mission to provide food, housing, and resources to struggling people in North Orange County. It’s easy to make a difference!

You can purchase a ticket or vote for your favorite dancer by visiting our Look Who’s Dancing web page today.

Questions about the event? Reach out to Rhiannon by calling (714) 680-3691 ext. 207 or emailing rdoscher@pohoc.org.